Vault by Vans Taps Artist Geoff McFetridge for holiday collection

Renowned artist Geoff McFetridge is joining forces with Vans for a limited-edition capsule collection of footwear and apparel. For the Vault by Vans x Geoff McFetridge, the artist finds inspiration in his most beloved items — a favorite pair of pants, the T-shirt he wears to paint, vintage tote bags and a pair of Vans from Japan he received as a child. These motifs appear on the OG Authentic LX, OG Style 38 NS and OG Slip-On LX silhouettes as well as an apparel collection spanning hoodies, sweats, hats, totes and socks.

As a skater I have a close personal history with Vans,” McFetridge says of the collaboration. “I have done a number of projects over the years but this collection was an opportunity to create a microcosm of my personal history with the brand.” He adds: “My thinking with projects like this is that they can be approached in the same way you might approach creating a piece of art. Both grow out of a similar process, and though the results are different, they feel like they are pulled from the same world.

The full collection arrives at the Shelflife on December 2.

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