Marvel Studios Releases the Official Trailer for Upcoming Series ‘Hawkeye’

Marvel Studios has unveiled the first official trailer for its new original series ‘Hawkeye that will be debuted on Disney+ this coming November.

Jeremy Renner plays the protagonist and returns as Hawkeye and he’s joined in by a new battle partner in Kate Bishop (played by Hailee Steinfeld) who claims that she’s the “world’s greatest archer.” The new show takes place in New York City and is set during the Christmas season. The under two-minute clip opens up with Hawkeye attempting to rekindle his relationship with his family by making plans with them for the holidays. However, in the following scenes, a masked vigilante from Hawkeye‘s past seems to have returned and he’s forced step away from his family festivities and face this evil force toe to toe.

The rest of the preview displays a plethora of action scenes including exchanges of gunfire, high-speed car chase scenes, archery battles and more.

Hawkeye is set to premier on Disney+ on November 24. Six episodes will arrive every Wednesday and the finale will release on December 29. Additionally, this will be the first series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce the Young Avengers. Peep the full trailer here above.

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