Toyota RAV4 Goes Hybrid

“Hybrid: a term introduced to the automotive world by Toyota to identify a dual-source powertrain combining a traditional internal combustion gasoline engine with a high-current electric motor.”

This revolutionary powertrain technology debuted in 1997 in the Toyota Prius. While the Prius has undoubtedly been the poster child for Hybrid, Toyota has recognised the need to expand this new energy technology to other mainstream model ranges – in pursuit of greater Hybrid adoption and wider market appeal.

Recent developments in the global motoring arena has placed a far greater emphasis on New Energy Vehicles (NEV) and alternative propulsion technologies. With the continued development of new energy alternatives and further advancements of battery technology, customers are seeking more advanced drivetrain options and greater levels of efficiency without compromising on their core vehicle requirements.

This Is where Toyota’s NEV roadmap kicks In. Branded “Towards Carbon Neutral”, this all-encompassing environmental strategy has as its ultimate goal, to get to zero emissions by 2050, but with a number of intermediate milestones in-between. And here we’re not just talking emissions produced by a vehicle, Toyota plans to be emission-free throughout the production process (not just for Toyota but our suppliers as well). To this end Toyota South Africa has an initial plan to roll out Hybrid variants on most of Its mainstream model ranges. The big news will be the introduction of the locally-produced Corolla Cross (in petrol and Hybrid) as from November this year. This, however, is just the start of the electrification programme – the full spectrum of NEVs will be launched when there Is sufficient demand and when the infrastructure can support their Introduction (watch this space). 

Model Line-up & Pricing

RAV4 GX Hybrid CVT – R 555 300

The pricing has been set at a very competitive level in anticipation of future government support on New Energy Vehicles (NEV). Toyota South Africa Motors’ strategy is to make Hybrid models attainable and offer customers an attractive product package – leveraging the benefits of Hybrid technology – without paying significant premiums in order to experience it.

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