‘The Last of Us Part II’ Could Be Getting a Multiplayer Battle Royale Mode

New rumors have surfaced suggesting that The Last of Us Part II might be receiving a multiplayer battle royale mode.

The new discoveries were made by YouTuber Speclizer, who found deep within the game’s files a bunch of assets deep within that so far haven’t been utilized yet. All the items were designed specifically for multiplayer modes, and while they could be just preparing for Factions, some other assets suggest that it could be much more than just a small-scale multiplayer experience. Massive maps were embedded in those files, with sizes similar to those of PUBGApex LegendsFortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone.

Of course, the findings are still just fueling speculation at the time, and neither Naughty Dog nor Sony and PlayStation have revealed anything about Factions or battle royale modes for The Last of Us Part II, so fans of the epic title will have to wait a little longer before they can play with friends online.

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