Levi’s and New Balance Celebrate the Beauty of Vintage With a New Summer 2021 Collaboration

New Balance’s winning streak continues, following a new Aimé Leon Dore 650R and Todd Snyder 327 with another banger collab. This go-round, the American sneaker brand is back with the American jean company — you know the one. Yep, it’s time for another Levi’s x New Balance, rendered in greyscale and worn-in denim.

Instead of the 1300 or 327 (or rumored 990v3), the duo have elected to remix the chunky 992, incorporating deconstructed vintage denim jeans into the retro runner’s mixed-material upper, utilizing genuine Levi’s garments saved from the dustbins of the world by Levi’s Authorized Vintage. There’s also some plush suede in there for maximum texture.

No two pairs are alike, with distinct swirls of faded grey and black denim distinguishing each pair of American-made sneakers. The unmistakable red Levi’s tag is attached to the reflective New Balance “N” logo on only the right foot’s sneaker, as usual, and the unique “Levi’s for Feet” verbiage graces a red insole.

Of course, it’s not enough to merely drop a series of one-of-a-kind kicks: New Balance and Levi’s are also dishing out matching 501 jeans and trucker jackets, finished in patchwork pieced together from even more upcycled denim, with torn tags and contrasting panels included. There’s no ostentatious branding or logos, just a mélange of faded denim goodness.

You can find a detailed look at the products up above and expect the collection to drop on August through the Levi’s app and New Balance on August 6. 

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