Tokyo Olympics Sees Record 121 NBA and WNBA Players Competing on National Teams

The NBA and WNBA have had a record number of players representing their national teams at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. A total of 121 professional basketball players from the two organizations are featured, while 27 NBA and 10 WNBA teams are represented at the Summer Games.

This year’s record surpasses the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics where only 46 and 25 NBA and WNBA players, respectively, were at the games. This time, a record of 49 current NBA players and 29 current WNBA players and 16 former NBA and 22 former WNBA players make up the 121 in Tokyo. Outside of the U.S., Nigeria has the most current NBA players on its roster, followed by Australia, then France. Out of the 12 teams competing at the Olympics, 11 of them have at least one NBA athlete. The NBA is well represented, with the Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, and Denver Nuggets each have at least three players competing.

The WNBA sees eight out of 12 national teams feature at least one league athlete. Phoenix Mercury and Seattle Storm have sent five players each to the Olympics, whereas Minnesota Lynx sees three of its players in Tokyo. Additionally, the Olympic roster also features 29 players that have played in the NBA G League and a league-high six on Nigeria. Japan and France each of four players who played in the NBA’s official minor league.

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