13-Year-Old Skateboarder Momiji Nishiya Becomes Japan’s Youngest Olympic Gold Medalist

13 years old Momiji Nishiya has just made history by becoming Japan’s youngest Olympic champion, and second-youngest individual gold medalist in Olympic history after American springboard diver, Marjorie Gestring (1936 Berlin Olympics).

Winning gold in Women’s Street Skateboarding, Nishiya now joins Yuto Horigome and his gold medal from yesterday’s Men’s Street Skateboarding event. The silver medal, coincidentally, also went to another 13-year-old skater Rayssa Leal of Brazilian, where Bronze was awarded to fellow Japanese skater Funa Nakayama.

Nishiya kept it cool as she entered the competition with zero expectations of winning a medal. “I wasn’t too worried about getting a medal. I didn’t think I could win, but everyone around me cheered me on so I’m glad I was able to find my groove,” said the skater. Nishiya’s final score was 15.26 while Leal and Nakayama scored 14.64 and 14.49, respectively.

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