Joda Kgosi Finally Releases Her Anticipated Debut EP “Sour Milk”

Joda Kgosi, the 18-year-old Johannesburg songstress has released her much-anticipated project, the 7-track EP titled Sour Milk. As an upcoming singer, who for all hopes and intents, is still a novice, she has done extremely well in the strides she has made thus far, prior to the release of this project. Her two 2020 singles, “Lunatic” and “Truth Is” collectively amassed almost a million streams across all music streaming platforms.

Thematically, her new EP carries on the subject matter of the aforementioned singles. In “Lunatic”, she sings about being dissatisfied with a lover who continually gaslights her into believing that she is crazy. She says that the frustrations of the relationship render her to act like a lunatic. On “Truth Is”, she sings about being a lover who jilted her. She comes to the reckoning that this particular person can never love her enough or do right by her. On the new EP,  She uses milk as a metaphor for love, based on how something so fresh can turn sour.

On the first song “Pity Party” she sings, “Welcome to my pity party, where I cry about a boy who don’t care about…”, lamenting a break up from a boy who gives shoddy unconvincing reasons for the breakup. The title track “Sour Milk” sees her satisfied that a lover she has recently broken up with is tormented by their break up while she also acknowledges that she’s torn apart by the same thing. “Energy” is about not blurring the lines and keeping a platonic relationship platonic. “Empty Sinner”, the standout song on the project as well as the most contemplative and well-written. In it she acknowledges her fallibility and admits that it’s largely because she is an empty sinner – all she hopes for is for someone who won’t leave her as a result.

All in all, the EP is a focused piece of work that isn’t too ambitious in sound or content. Boasting production from producers Elizée and Kuchi Cola as well as award-winning DJ Sliqe, it makes for an enjoyable R&B listen, helmed by a vocalist who is at the threshold of her career and is beaming with infinite potential.

Get Joda Kgosi’s brand-new EP here:

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