Stylish Shades From Sunglass Hut Are the Perfect Accessory This Winter 

Just because summer is over, it does not mean you have to stop shielding your eyes in style.  

Even in winter months, polarised sunglasses block glare from light reflecting off flat surfaces better than any other type of sunglass lens. Polarised sunglasses can be helpful for driving too, because they reduce direct reflective glare from the hoods of vehicles and light-coloured pavements. Some light-sensitive people, including those who have had cataract surgery, will benefit from these sunglasses. Most importantly, polarised sunglasses provide advantages when it comes to decreasing eye strain and discomfort in bright sunlight. 

For most South Africans, the sun shines even in the coldest months. This gives Sunglass Hut the perfect excuse to update their collections.  They have an extensive range of on-trend shades that will have the whole family looking like movie stars. Ranging from retro-inspired, super-sized designs to classic aviators. You will find something to make your outfit even hotter! 

Touch Effect (Mixed Materials)

A mix and match of high shine and matte finishes offer a fresh update on familiar shapes that bridge lifestyle, sport, and luxury product categories. Sunglass structures are simple but modern igniting the senses through the combination of materials – matte vs shiny, opaque vs liquid-like.

Expert Tip:

“Combining materials not only changes the physical aspect of these shades but also the texture. This trend evokes more than just a look, it makes for a moment,”

Burberry – R3880.00

Versace – R3880.00

Metropolitan Minimalist

These looks give minimal a contemporary makeover, with smart lines and sophisticated combinations of materials and constructions. Classic shapes are reinterpreted with innovative details and lightly, sleek designs.

Expert Tip:

“These shades can be classified as cool, calm, and collected in neutral and muted colour tones. With clean lines and unique shapes, these silhouettes are ideal for any modern man,” 

Oakley – R2530.00

Bvlgari – R4950.00

Colour Chameleon

This trend is full of personality and playfulness by taking inspiration from the digital world. Using colour to take on new forms – blending, fading, and morphing, these frames can match with any look.

Expert Tip:

“With these frames, we are using colour to tell a story. Whether it is an extension of a mood, expression of oneself, or a part of a look, these shades are sure to make a colorful statement,”

Prada – R5830.00

Oakley – R2900.00

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