Pharrell Williams Unites the World for Louis Vuitton SS25 Menswear Collection

Pharrell Williams continues on his global LVERS journey with the reveal of his Spring/Summer 2025 menswear collection for Louis Vuitton. Taking to his fashion insider Instagram page @skateboard, Pharrell began teasing the upcoming collection with a mysterious post that saw a graphic of Earth in relative to the universe and a LV AirTag. It was later revealed that the LV AirTag would be sent out as a part of the invite for show attendees.

In another post, P posted the SS25 staff uniform which sees a denim jacket that reads the phrase, “LE MONDE EST À VOUS” which translates to, the world is yours. Combined with a sneak peek featuring Air Afrique, it was evident that the collection would be a nod to Louis Vuitton’s travel reputation and global reach. Held at La Maison de l’UNESCO, the show collaborated with Air Afrique on graphics and patterns for the collection, inspired by the African-French cultural platform dedicated to the expansion of Afro-diasporic arts, conversations and knowledge.

The collection focuses on celebrating all the humans that inhabit the world. By taking a bird’s eye perspective on the planet we call home, Pharrell and Louis Vuitton bring Paris to the world, unifying the international community through LV’s global mentality. Expanding the maison’s travel gene, the collection is symbolic, hosted at La Maison de l’UNESCO, which was constructed in 1958 in the name of uniting humanity in world peace through culture. At the show, Pharrell brings creatives and audiences alike from all different backgrounds, creating a sense of welcome-ness to the global network where the maison is at the center.

The theme of travel was imbued throughout, staying true to Louis Vuitton’s roots. The global dandy was inspired by the modern traveler. In particular, aviation pilots become the main inspiration, seeing uniforms take on the cropped tailored jacket to bombers to flight suits. While the collection started out in monochromatic fashion, moving from dark black tones to earthy browns and greys, it moves to a more colorful vision of the globe’s signature green and blue, magnifying the house’s international mentality. The Damier and camouflage pattern receive an updated rendition with new colors and inspirations. The patterns are adapted into a snake-o-flage motif, playing on the python textile which was demonstrated further on Pharrell’s own jacket he wore to walk the finale. The patterns also see the camouflage warp into a map-o-flage motif, further hammering down on the global motif. The collection also leans into the football world creating a jacket out of soccer balls as well as jersey-like pieces.

Take a look at the full collection above.

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