BIRKENSTOCK introduces its latest collection celebrating the enduring appeal of iconic BIRKENSTOCK styles in a new guise – exploring embossed suede leather for the very first time. Inspired by the tradition and functionality of corduroy, BIRKENSTOCK takes this tradition-steeped textile to a new level and underlines the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design by creating an even more durable material for this collection: in a custom-made process natural suede has been embossed to carefully recreate the look and feel of corduroy, while staying true to the material as an embodiment of authenticity and individuality. A new addition to the BIRKENSTOCK product archives and a fresh take on the aesthetics of a timeless material. 

Once a pioneer for mass production on the looms of England’s northern metropolis Manchester and worn by hard-working labourers during the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, corduroy, often referred to as the ‘Manchester Cloth’, has evolved from its humble workwear origins and become a staple within contemporary streetwear, embodying both resilience and practicality. But, true to its working-class roots, corduroy remains an emblem of authenticity. Few fabrics carry the weight of history and modernity as effortlessly as corduroy. For its new collection, BIRKENSTOCK fuses this textile’s iconic heritage with innovative design and functionality to create new BIRKENSTOCK streetwear staples in embossed suede leather. 

BIRKENSTOCK’s latest campaign “BE ORIGINAL”, was shot in an iconic industrial location in Manchester with street-cast locals presenting each look. The Mancunian protagonists move within the abandoned space with each look paying homage to key elements of classic streetwear: hoodies, denim jackets, cargo pants or tracksuits allow you to get closer to the essence of streetwear – with BIRKENSTOCK’s original footbed clothed in a new material. A reflection of BIRKENSTOCK’s brand ethos, the campaign shines a light on the merger of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design that defines the collection. 

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