What do you get when you bring together a globally award-winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky brand and arguably South Africa’s most recognized luxury denim brands? A recipe for perfection with an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.

On the 29th of February 2024, The Singleton and TSHEPO held an intimate event to unveil and announce the much-anticipated partnership between the two brands. Guests and friends of the brands were invited to listen in and engage on what The Singleton and TSHEPO would bring to the market through the partnership.

For The Singleton, the partnership marks an important milestone in contextualizing the brand’s local presence by recognizing not just the excellence that is in South Africa but appreciating the like-mindedness of household names such as TSHEPO.

“This partnership communicates our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship which has earned us a seat at the table; and vindicates the direction TSHEPO has taken to create a luxury aspirational brand that can compete with the best in the industry,” says Tshepo Mohlala, Founder of TSHEPO.


He adds that as a brand they have always strived to partner with like-minded brands that are compulsive about their craft and in The Singleton they have found a partner that mirrors their values of aspiration in being the benchmark for excellence, the passion, time and craftsmanship invested in creating quality outputs and lastly, continuously growing and wanting to become the pinnacle in their field.

“We believe that this partnership will augur well for our brand and will help to carve a niche for it both at home and on the international stage,” says Mohlala.


Senior Brand Manager for The Singleton at Diageo South Africa, Theo Zulu adds that as a brand they are looking forward to be joining forces with what they consider an exceptional and exemplary luxury brand that is TSHEPO. “Our partnership not only reflects the synergies between both brands but gives us an opportunity to tell our story of excellence alongside TSHEPO thereby entering a space of creation and expression that is outstanding in the category.


He further adds, “While the nature of our trade as a business is to distill the finest single malt scotch whisky that is perfectly blended and matured in combination of casks, we also stand firm about who we are as The Singleton. The Singleton represents every individual with an unwavering determination of doing things differently by going against the ordinary and wanting to thrive in their craft which is exactly what TSHEPO is holistically.”


For Tshepo Mohlala this partnership will not only spotlight what African craftsmanship is all about while growing his brand to bigger heights on a global scale, it also means redefining creativity and being unapologetic while doing so.

“Before TSHEPO was formed, I specifically chose denim as my fabric of choice because quality denim is very much like The Singleton – it stands the test of time. Apart from its maturity, good quality denim has purpose and versatility which is what I have been perfecting throughout my 15 years in this business,” he concludes.  


The Singleton will kick-off the partnership with a social media content series featuring Tshepo Mohlala in the month of March followed by an in-store campaign where consumers stand a chance to win TSHEPO merchandise with the purchase of every bottle of The Singleton

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