Patta SS24 Pays Homage to the Amazon Rainforest

Following an artful footwear collaboration with boot purveyor Danner at the tail-end of last year, Dutch streetwear boutique Patta has returned to reveal its Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection. Galvanized by the Amazon rainforest, the line is centered around the idea of “paradise,” with looks that creatively reference the massive tropical landscape’s awe-inspiring settings.

Inside the collection, the Flowers Crewneck Sweater makes a direct nod to the rainforest’s wildlife, mixing floral motifs with gothic lettering that spells out the brand’s name. The Patta Family Hoodie, meanwhile, is decorated with kaleidoscopic butterflies, much like those found in the source setting; and the “Always On Top” hooded sweater sees a camouflage T-shirt layer over a black hoodie in one piece.

T-shirts, too, drive the sartorial point home: the “Predator” iteration centers an illustration of a bright-eyed puma peering through greenery, while the “Tiger Lady” design features an illustration of a half-human, half-tiger creature. Additionally, the “Ancestors” T-shirt pictures a collection of Amazonian artifacts above words reading, “Where You Are From.”

Elsewhere, the line includes logo-laden knit sweaters, fringed cardigans, nylon track jackets, vintage-washed hoodies, brand-stamped jeans and joggers.

See Patta’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection in the gallery above.

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