First Look at the New Apple iOS 16.4 Emojis

Apple has unveiled the new emoji designs for its iOS 16.4 beta, previewing what’s in store for the next software update across its mobile devices. 31 new emojis in total were introduced on February 16 when factoring in the usual five skin tone modifiers for human-based icons.

Highlights this time around include the highly-requested solid pink heart which also debuts in blue and gray color tones. New facial expressions include a “shook” emoji while two new pushing hand gestures for the left and right hand are added with a variety of potential usages when paired together or with other emojis. Animal-related icons added to the mix include a moose, donkey, wings, blackbird, duck, and jellyfish. Other plant and object additions feature a hyacinth, ginger root, edamame, red folding fan, hair pick, maracas, and flute. Roudning out the list are Khanda symbol of the Sikh faith and a wifi symbol.

The new iOS 16.4 emojis are expected to officially release sometuime this Spring in March or April. Those subscribed to the Apple Developer Program can test them out now. While subtle aesthetic changes might still be made before the official roll-out, the list should stay more or less the same.

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