LVMH Prize Announces 22 Young Fashion Designers Shortlisted for the 2023 Semi-Final

For its 10th anniversary, LVMH Prize has announced the list of 22 candidates short-listed for the semi-final, which were selected out of 2,400 applicants.

The 22 candidates come from 15 different countries, including Jamaica and Brazil for the very first time.

Delphine Arnault, who was recently appointed as Dior‘s new CEO, shared a few words on the remaining candidates. “I am very pleased to welcome these talented young designers and I am extremely grateful to the candidates from all over the world who took part in this edition,” she said in a press release. “The 22 semi-finalists are all driven by a very innovative vision and also show great creative maturity. Many of them place the culture and craftsmanship of their native country at the heart of their design approach.”

Arnault also went on to discuss an important factor — sustainability. “Eco-responsibility is also a major stake for them as they use innovative or recycled materials, and embrace a more local and ethical production system,” she added. “The fluidity between menswear and womenswear is another key feature this year, since no fewer than nine designers create genderless collections. Values of inclusivity and diversity showcased in the selection also echo the turn taken by the fashion and luxury industries. I would like to warmly thank all of our Experts who contribute each year to making the LVMH Prize a bench-mark for young designers. The 2023 edition promises to be exceptional.”

The candidate to win the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers will be granted a 300,000-euro endowment as well as a year-long mentorship by a dedicated LVMH team. Additionally, the Karl Lagerfeld Prize grants a designer a 150,000-euro allocation. Lastly, the press release states that “the Prize distinguishes three students graduating from fashion schools in 2022. The students
will each receive 10,000 euros and join the design studio of one of the group’s houses for one year.”

Check out the complete list of 22 brands selected for the semi-final of the LVMH Prize below.

AARON ESH by Aaron Esh, United Kingdom, menswear
ANNE ISABELLA by Anne Isabella, France, womenswear
BETTTER by Julie Pelipas, Ukraine, womenswear
BLOKE by Faith Oluwajimi, Nigeria, genderless collections
BURC AKYOL by Burc Akyol, France, womenswear, menswear and genderless collections
CHARLIE CONSTANTINOU by Charlie Constantinou, United Kingdom, menswear and genderless collections
DIOTIMA by Rachel Scott, Jamaica, womenswear
JOAO MARASCHIN by Joao Maraschin, Brazil, womenswear and menswear
JOHANNA PARV by Johanna Parv, Estonia, womenswear
JUNTAE KIM by Juntae Kim, South Korea, genderless collections
KARU RESEARCH by Kartik Kumra, India, menswear
KUSIKOHC by Giseok Cho, South Korea, genderless collections
LOUIS SHENGTAO CHEN by Louis Shengtao Chen, China, womenswear
LUAR by Raul Lopez, United States, womenswear, menswear and genderless collections
MAGLIANO by Luca Magliano, Italy, menswear
MARRKNULL by Wei Wang and Tian Shi, China, genderless collections
NAMESAKE by Michael, Richard and Steve Hsieh, Taiwan, menswear and genderless collections
PAOLINA RUSSO by Paolina Russo, Canada, and Lucile Guilmard, France, womenswear
QUIRA by Veronica Leoni, Italy, womenswear
SETCHU by Satoshi Kuwata, Japan, genderless collections
STINARAND by Stina Randestad, Sweden, genderless collections
WATARU TOMINAGA by Wataru Tominaga, Japan, genderless collectionse

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