‘Bridgerton’ Spinoff ‘Queen Charlotte’ Teases Steamy Sex Scenes In First Look

Shonda Rhimes releases the latest installment of her Netflix series Bridgerton with Queen Charlotte.

Premiering on May 4, Queen Charlotte unveils the life and love story of Bridgerton‘s most mysterious, yet highly respected and feared character, The Queen, played by Golda Rosheuvel. The trailer opens with a young Charlotte meeting George and in the flash of an eye, seated on her throne as a royal.

As the trailer continues with cameos from familiars such as the Queen of Danbury, played by Adjoa Andoh, its high string and shrew sound effects, Charlotte struggles to navigate her highly publicized interracial relationship. “Your marriage is the business of this country,” an elder exclaims at her reminding her that she is “the first of her kind.”

Rhimes told Netflix, “I loved delving into the romance between Charlotte and King George.” According to her, the spinoff explores two themes she’s enjoyed toying with throughout her career: love and power. ““I want people to feel like this is what happens with real love. Love is hard. Love is difficult. Love has many layers,” says Rhimes.

The idea that the happy ending that we always talk about for characters doesn’t have to be the obvious one.”

View the trailer above.

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