Worn by the likes of Dua Lipa, Italian fashion label Diesel is launching a new denim line called Diesel Library. The campaign features Élite star Arón Piper, actor Lauren Tsai, model Ella Snyder, singer Toni Braxton and her sons Diezel and Denim Braxton, and many clones of them.

We get to see the stars portraying various roles from a waiter to a vendor as different versions of themselves. Of course, each clone is decked out in Diesel, modeling a number of looks from the brand.

Arón Piper, who plays Ander on Élite, sits at a beach while his double applies sunscreen in the campaign. Moxie actor Lauren Tsai and her clones are the celebrities, fans, and paparazzi as she drives through the street. Ella Snyder walks through an old-school diner while her clones dine in and serve coffee. Toni Braxton’s clones perform on a stage, sit at a restaurant, and pour wine while Diezel and Denim Braxton’s clones are at a movie premiere. 

In fact, Diesel’s own founder, Renzo Rosso stars in the campaign with his clones taking over a car shop. He represents the history of the fashion house as they celebrate this new collection of sustainable and genderless designs by creative director Glenn Martens. 

For Diesel Library, the brand pledged to use ethically-sourced cotton and environmentally-friendly washes through a press release. In addition to reducing impact through production, the brand also stated that the pieces are designed to last as wardrobe staples that outlive trends, which can oftentimes lead to clothing waste.

The announcement of the Diesel Library collection came shortly after the label’s show at Milan Fashion Week. Building on that momentum, the launch is part of the market debut of Martens’ Spring/Summer collection.

To shop the collection visit: https://diesel.co.za/campaign/unisex/denim-library/

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