Two-time South African Music Award-nominated producer and DJ Junior Taurus is going back to basics following the recent release of his four-track EP Until September.  Junior Taurus shot to fame after releasing his debut album Cotton Candy in 2015 which featured artists such as Lady Zamar, DJ Fortee, and Chymamusique. To celebrate his 10th anniversary in his music career, he has released an EP that embodies where he started, his growth, and the influences he has had along the way.

Who inspired you to make music?

For me personally, the streets of Pretoria had a great influence on music. Local guys like Mjava, the guys that were booming in that era had a big influence on music. Music is forever evolving so you take from the old to build onto the new.

With your latest album, what is the inspiration?

With the current EP that I dropped, the inspiration behind is basically trying to create a map to where I’m going. That’s why it is titled ‘Until September’, so basically I’m saying I will still be influenced by amapiano until September. From September onwards I’m starting to change. I will be working tracks that I have been working on for 10 years that are not finished yet. I will focus on music and things that make me happy, instead of chasing a trend.

How would you describe the music you typically create?

I think it’s a mixture of everything I’ve learned. That’s the very important thing about the project I’m going to drop in September. It’s a mixture of everything that I’ve picked up in last close to 15 years in my career. Every single sound that I have come across, every single sound that I have produced. But it will be more mellow, it will feature more vocals on it. I feel like it will last longer than today’s hits. Because with today, you make a hit, you are trending today, the next week there’s another one.

How do you the internet has impacted the music industry/business?

It has created a platform and a new way for people to be exploited. With social media you don’t need to be signed to anybody. You literally just have to have a good song-actually it doesn’t even have to be a good song. It can just be a catchy song which at that time the world needs to hear and you literally blow up on tik tok without having a deal, without knowing anything about music industry, you could be the next biggest thing. We’ve seen it so many times. So I think it’s created a platform where people to exploit without having a contract or anything like that.

And if you could change anything about the industry what would it be

I think honestly speaking, in the industry sometimes you feel like you’re being guarded by people. Sometimes you feel like there’s certain people that control the industry. For instance, if you spend enough time in the clubs or the streets you’ll hear music that you never hear on radio. So I’m not sure if it’s maybe about the criteria or what but yeah that’s the only. I want for people to access the industry easier. I don’t want people to struggle. Everyone has stories of them struggling for a long time before they get into the industry.

So what would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for music

You know to tell you the truth, music has always been my thing. But if I wasn’t doing music I would probably be working for the NIA, or something like the national intelligence.

So, what’s next. What can people expect from you?

The biggest thing to look out for this year is my album that’s coming out in September, it’s going to be called ‘Memoir’. You know a memoir is a music recollection of things that I have picked up. For me to be working on songs for over 10 years I mean, they are very special songs. That’s what I’m personally looking forward to, but obviously the thing that’s going to pave the way to the album is the EP that I just dropped now, it’s called ‘Until September’.

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