SKIMS Launches a Second Drop of Its Best-Selling Boyfriend Collection

Well, it looks like our summer staples are secured, thanks to SKIMS.

By now, I’m sure you all know that we all love SKIMS – whether we want to or not – and that we’re always quick to give credit where credit is due.

When it comes to Kim Kardashian’s shapewear-turned-fashion brand, I would be lying if I said the products weren’t great. Thus far, I’ve worn enough items to count them on two hands from various collections, and I’ve been happy with every single piece.

Now, the label is launching its Boyfriend collection, which follows the label’s previously successful line of unisex loungewear.

Inspired by men’s wardrobe staples, the range is all oversized and features “super soft” tees, tanks, and boxers, and arrives in seven colors. In addition to its previous tones, two new colors dubbed “Dark Heather Grey” and “Desert” are also featured.

It might have been difficult to convince most people to get on board with shapewear, but when it comes to wardrobe staples, there’s no conversation there – it works for everyone.

Previous SKIMS collections have all either been minimal or leaning toward more feminine styles and with the Boyfriend collection, the label is not only embracing a different look and feel, but is also opening itself up to a whole new audience.

I mean, Kim has said it herself that her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, wears plenty of SKIMS – especially the boyfriend collection. So, enough excuses. We’re all wearing SKIMS this summer.

For its campaign, the label has tapped a handful of couples to showcase the collection, and although it should be obvious, it is nice to see that there’s an element of inclusivity in both the campaign as well as in the product itself.

Of course, like all SKIMS products, the collection is available in sizes XXS all the way through a 4XL, with prices ranging from £26 ($32) to £48 ($60).

You can dislike Kim Kardashian all you want, but she’s making it pretty damn difficult to dislike SKIMS.

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