FC Bayern Munich’s New Home Jersey Is a Revitalized Update on Its Classic Colours

Bundesliga champions for the tenth time in a row, Bayern Munich now set their sights on 11, as Adidas launch the club’s new home shirt for the 22/23 season. It’s set to debut this Sunday in the match against Stuttgart.

Making a return to a more traditional tone of red following this season’s two tone affair, Adidas have unveiled the Bayern Munich 22/23 home shirt. The design sees the red base joined by white hoops of varying thickness that feature throughout the body. White collar and cuffs then complete the look for the Bundesliga champions.

The white stripe details add a new look to the plain red shirt, but there appears to be no deeper meaning to the design than that. Odd given the recent trend of being inspired by something from a club’s past or their achievements… looks like this is just a fresh design and should be enjoyed as such.

In addition, to mark the presentation of Bayern’s tenth consecutive Bundesliga championship shield, the team will wear a one-off, special ‘Serienmeister’ (‘Serial champions’) badge on their chests, which will also be available for fans in store. This unique imprint makes the jersey a one-of-a-kind memento of the historic run of titles.

You can also purchase the jersey exclusively from the adidas online shop and the FC Bayern online store now as well as in physical stores from May 19 for EUR 90.

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