Nasty C Unveils Ivyson Army Tour Dates With Atlanta rapper Domani

Having recently dropped new single “Cant’t Imagine” reaffirming his place as a King in South African hip-hop, award-winning rapper Nasty C is gearing up to bring Atlanta rapper Domani to South Africa for his upcoming countrywide Ivyson Army Tour.

The acclaimed rapper has solidified his place in music with previous visits internationally to countries such as the United States where he has built relationships with Atlanta rappers including T.I. and Domani.  In a one-of-a-kind music and culture exchange, rapper Domani will be visiting South Africa to tour with Nasty C in May 2022 in the recently announced Ivyson Army Tour.

Visiting South Africa for the first time, rapper Domani will be joining Nasty C in the upcoming Ivyson Army Tour, an extension on the popular Ivyson Tour. The country-wide circuit will see the biggest and baddest artists alongside Nasty C and Domani visit Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria with more dates and venues set to be announced in the coming weeks.

Having received a roaring response to current single globally, Nasty C will be sharing the stage alongside new-age talent and will also be performing with Domani to South African audiences – showcasing their joint music as well as giving fans an opportunity to experience more of Atlanta rapper Domani.

Sharing his thoughts on the upcoming shows, Nasty C had this to say, “I’m so excited to have Domani come all the way from Atlanta, US to join me on the Ivyson Army Tour. Having spent time with him and his father, rap O.G – T.I. during my visits in ATL, I’m really excited to transfer some of the energy we have in studio to a live on-stage performance.”

Hailing from a family full of talent, rapper Domani is equally excited to visit the country and experience South Africa alongside Nasty C during the Ivyson Army Tour.  He shared his excitement stating, “Over the years and after his visits to the U.S – we have built a really dope relationship with Nasty C. I can’t wait to visit him in his home country and to show off some of my music to fans in South Africa.”

Domani will be in South Africa from 06 May 2022 and will be joining Nasty C on stage during the Ivyson Army Tour which kicks off in Bloemfontien this weekend.

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