Fendi and Versace Celebrate “Fendace” Launch With New Campaign

2022’s heavy-hitting luxury collabs (or “swaps”) continue rolling out with the launch of Fendi x Versace, colloquially known as Fendace. Revealed late last year, the entire collection is finally releasing just ahead of summer, forecasting yet another hot girl summer.

Highsnobiety reviewed key pieces from the Fendi x Versace collection earlier this year but the Steven Meisel-shot campaign, which launched in late April, kicks off the official release date of May 12.

Note that the Fendace collection doesn’t merely drop in full in mid-May, though: the luxury giants have instead planned a comprehensive rollout that’ll ensure summer dominance.

From remixed Peekaboo bags to co-branded Trigreca sneakers, the flashy Fendace party leaves hardly any Fendi or Versace cue untouched.

And it really is a bash: the accompanying press release describes Fendace as an “exclusive nightclub”: everyone wants to get in but not everyone’s gonna make it.

Indeed, you have to make it to one of the forthcoming Fendace pop-ups to experience the complete collection IRL; otherwise, Fendi and Versace’s websites will stock a separate selection of goods (Fendi will sell select “Versace by Fendi” items and vice versa) alongside a unified assortment of Fendace-branded pieces.

Fans who are able to trek to the soon-to-be-announced pop-ups will be able to overindulge in the excess of Fendace’s opulent garments, bags, swimwear, jewelry, and shoes, nearly all replete with “FENDACE” branding or all-over monogram and baroque patterns.

Despite the HGS vibes promised by its extreme luxuriousness and star-studded campaign — which includes Naomi Campbell, Kristen McMenamy, Anja Rubik, Anok Yai, Imaan Hammam, and Lina Zhang — Fendace is more than a clothing collaboration.

“It’s a swap rather than a collaboration and, most of all, it is done out of friendship,” Fendi couture and womenswear director Kim Jones reiterated.

But Donatella Versace put it more simply: “To me, Fendace will always mean love.”

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