Disney Unveils ‘Avatar 2’ Title, Teaser Trailer Release Date

No, you’re not dreaming; this is real – James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar sequel finally has a title, Avatar: The Way of Water, and footage will finally debut to audiences next week. What a time to be alive.

I genuinely never thought I’d see the day. It’s been over a decade since the first Avatar movie was released in cinemas, thirteen years to be precise, and finally, the sequel is on the horizon.

Thirteen years – I still remember the day my friend and I went down to the Luton Cineworld to watch it on a snowy day in December. As a twelve-year-old, my mind was blown – visually, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, and that’s exactly why the film went on to be the highest-grossing movie of all time (even after that fierce battle with Avengers: Endgame).

Throughout my teenage years, like many others at the time, I was pretty excited to get one follow-up, let alone four sequels, but after countless delays, it honestly felt like we’d never see the second film reach cinemas.

At this year’s CinemaCon, James Cameron finally showcased the first footage of the sequel – which’s title has been revealed to be Avatar: The Way of Water – and judging by reactions, it’s another visual masterpiece.

An official synopsis of the movie reveals that a decade has passed since we last saw Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), with the pair now having a family of their own.

While Cameron promises plenty of stunning landscapes and incredible 3D, who or what the antagonist of the film will be is yet to be revealed.

For those lucky enough to be catching Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness on opening weekend (curse you, family holiday), you’ll catch an exclusive look at the first trailer for the Avatar sequel.

Avatar: The Way of Water releases in cinemas this December. What’re eight more months after thirteen years, hey?

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