Stone Island Supplies Its Latest Outerwear Package For SS22

There’s no need to be afraid – Stone Island’s new Aggressive Gommato outerwear can’t hurt you (your bank account, perhaps). It can, however, get you looking right for Spring/Summer 2022.

Few places are quite as exciting as laboratories. CERN, SNOLAB, the International Space Station? The curiosity burns; let us in!

The ISS is definitely at the top of my list of dream lab visits – a list I’ve put together while writing this, mind – but trailing behind at a close second is definitely Stone Island’s headquarters…the home of fabric and color experimentation.

There are no doubts that Stone Island is home to the mad scientists of fashion; in its four years in the game, it’s struck up some of the most exciting fabrics and finishes that technical apparel has ever seen.

There are countless bangers, but the Nylon Metal Watro Red Weft? A crazy piece that I’ve been chasing for years. The same goes for the Mesh Reflective Down Puffer and Ice Knit Thermo Sensitive Sweatshirt – and the list goes on.

Spring/Summer 2022’s latest product introduction comes with a name that might raise an eyebrow. Aggressive Gammato. Despite the name, it’s not about to find sentience and initiate a scrap.

On a technical level, the outerwear pieces crafted from it are made up of an 80% cotton and 20% nylon canvas that has been garment dyed, creating pieces with an opaque appearance.

Three individual pieces have been showcased – a hooded full-zip jacket, a cotton fleece anorak, and a shirt jacket. Each has been highlighted in a rich color offering, including pink, burgundy, and yellow.

Get your boxing gloves on, Stone Island’s Aggressive Gommato outerwear pieces are available to shop online and in stores now.

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