Adidas Originals Introduces First-of-its-Kind Digital Ozworld Experience

adidas Originals ventures into the digital world with the debut of the first-of-its-kind virtual Ozworld Experience. The immersive platform celebrates the brand’s latest Ozworld collection, presenting the world’s first personality-based AI-generated avatar creation platform, in collaboration with Ready Player Me. Designed to give all the power of self-expression, the online Ozworld experience allows users to create a truly unique digital version of themselves which can then be taken around the web exclusively with Ready Player Me – a cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse that allows anyone to explore virtual worlds with one consistent identity.

In both the digital and physical worlds, the Ozworld collection is a bold representation of fashion experimentation, breaking the status quo about what style can be. Diving deep into our inner worlds, the accompanying web experience forgoes the importance of physical appearance by asking users a series of questions to build an avatar based on their personality. Users of the platform can also select their favorite Ozworld footwear silhouette, marrying the physical collection with the virtual experience. Meanwhile, every user will be able to download their Ozworld alter ego to deploy as stickers and GIFs across their social media accounts.

Experience the digital Ozworld realm in the gallery above and head to adidas’ website for a first-hand look.

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