G-Star RAW collaborates with Tap Dancers for The Rhythm of Denim Campaign

Following on from their latest G-Star RAW x Snoop Dogg campaign, G-Star is now showing a different side to the brand with The Rhythm of Denim. Inspired by the urban tap movement that is making waves worldwide. The Rhythm of Denim is said to capture the artistic translation between two world class tap dancers. Expressing themselves without the use of language. With dance as a dialogue and denim as their uniform. Emphasis is placed on the artistic side of G-Star. With the high production performance creating a bold, immersive experience for the viewer.

Tapping into 2022

Tap dance was born in the early 19th century, shaping a style of communication between people. With a powerful part to play in the Roaring Twenties, the dynamic art form grew so popular, it took centre stage at Broadway shows in New York. Fast forward to 2022 and tap is making a modern revival across the globe. But this time, it’s been remixed on the streets. An urban dance style has manifested, with a crossover of tap and break dance forming. Rewinding back to the place where denim first became the ultimate fabric for self-expression. And serving as the primary inspiration for the new G-Star campaign.

World Champion Tap Dancers

The full denim styles were brought to life by two world-class tap dancers – World Tap Champion, Kamira Samuel and first-class Broadway performer, Lee Howard. Each dance movement showcases the premium, multi-functional looks from their latest Hardcore denim collection. Jack Evans choreographed the tap dance, creating the perfect synergy of dance, music, and denim.

Tap dance is so often used as a gimmick. A flash, polished accessory. The simple premise of two characters in separate locations communicating transcendently through rhythm gives a contemporary lens for us to view tap dance in its rawest, most natural form.” – Jack Evans, Choreographer

The Rhythm of Denim is now available at g-star.com

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