KAWS x Fortnite “COMPANION” Skin Pack Is Here

Thought the Balenciaga collab would be Fortnite‘s biggest-ever coup? Apparently, it wasn’t even the game’s most important collaboration of 2021 because Fortnite has just revealed its KAWS partnership.

Specifically, KAWS is part of Fortnite‘s “Fortnitemare” promotion, tying in with the game’s Halloween escapades, yielding a skeletonized Companion skin that can be purchased, worn in-game, and then used to re-enact classic Halloween cartoon “The Skeleton Dance.”

Not quite as involved as Fortnite‘s previous artist collabs but at least it’s both thematic and a riff on KAWS’ own “Dissected” collectibles.

Though Fortnite‘s Balenciaga collab was nothing if not divisive, its path was laid by crossovers like Gucci x Roblox, Louis Vuitton x League of Legends and similar tie-ups.

That is to say, luxury fashion and Esports no longer worlds apart.

The KAWS collaboration is a new wrinkle in the equation, as it’s the first time that a high-profile artist has joined up with Fortnite.

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