Blxckie’s B4Now Deluxe Album Is Finally Here

In releasing the single “Joy” featuring Nigerian artist Oxlade, Blxckie announced that the deluxe version of his debut album B4Now would be released a week later. With an additional 8 tracks to the original 12 tracks in the original, that deluxe version is finally here, and it continues the momentum Blckie is already on.

The Kwa-Zulu Natal native is having a great year and can reasonably be seen as the breakout star of 2021. In what seems like a short period of time, he has amassed an almost cultish following. One would be forgiven to conclude that it is this confidence that his fans have shown him that has compelled him to release a deluxe version of his debut, given the positive response it received when it was released in May.

Amongst the new songs found on the deluxe version, there’s a re-make of “Mama It’s Bad” aptly titled “Mama It’s Bad 2”. Blxckie has kept the lyrics, with but only slight modification, while the instrumental has changed completely – now spotting an uptempo beat. “GodBody” is a ferocious scorcher that finds Blxckie blacking out lyrically in full steam. Perhaps as homage to the legendary rock n roll band it shares a name with, “Guns & Roses” featuring Alone has some rock n roll sensibilities to it.

The standout song is the Rowlene duet, “Whoa” in which both artists want to get a handle on a potential lover who seems uninterested and unfocused. Blxckie sings, “Talk to me baby tell me how you’re feeling, you be high as something ‘bout enough the ceiling, been so long baby where you been in, ain’t no one like you girl if you really listening…”. Worth noting that Blxckie is at his best when he is endearing to his romantic interests, as opposed to being disparaging to them – as he sometimes is (see “GodBody”). Rowlene shares similar frustrations as Blxckie, asking her object of desire, “Can I lean on you or should I turn on codeine?.. I been missing you boy I been dying slowly, why don’t you call me?”

The last two songs on the album, “Blessed” and “Tired” featuring Christer are a display of sincere reckoning of oneself (the latter assuming the role of a prayer of sorts), which adds a pleasant dimension of self-awareness to Blxckie. All in all, B4Now Deluxe is an exceptional extension to an already brilliant effort for Blxckie.

Listen to B4Now Deluxe below:

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