PUMA Presents: Yoza Mnyanda and Gigi Lamayne

Tune into @pumasouthafrica’s IGTV tomorrow (Friday, 6 August) at 10am when Yoza chats to PUMA Select Stories host Frypan Mfula and make a note in that diary for the end of the month to catch a live performance by Gigi Lamayne for Select Sessions on Thursday, 26 August at 6pm.

Yoza Mnyanda

Director, editor, musician, performer . . . is there anything she doesn’t do? Growing up in the Eastern Cape, Yoza was exposed to music from an early age, with her parents exposing her to the likes of Steve Kekana and Brenda Fassie. When she started creating her own work, it was only appropriate that it was heavily inspired by these greats.

Discovered on YouTube, Yoza had loads of international experience at an early age but decided to leave the international circuit to pursue her own work in South Africa. After getting her degree in screen production at UCT, she met her partner and together they formed Darkie Fiction. This duo creates music which draws influence from Kwaito, Afro-funk, Neo-soul and hip hop.

Gigi Lamayne

Born Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, Gigi Lamayne is a 27-year-old South African and award-winning extraordinaire who has taken the country by storm with her charismatic stage presence, versatility and remarkably mature lyrical abilities. Rapper, singer, songwriter and poet . . . Gigi is a multifaceted artist and businesswoman.

Gigi can be recognized from her hit singles 1 Bar, Ice Cream and Lobola as well as her highly acclaimed collaboration with the third largest sportswear brand in the world PUMA. She draws inspiration from her life experiences, which are taken to the entertainment stage to better resonate with her prodigious audience.

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