Jalen Green Makes History as the NBA’s Highest-Drafted Asian-American Player of All Time

alen Green might have been selected second overall by the Houston Rockets in the NBA Draft last night, but his sparkling silver suit was definitely the best of the night. Not only are shiny, reflective suits nearly impossible to pull off (just ask Timothee Chalamet at Cannes), making the nonchalance with which Green rocked the suit even more impressive, but Green decided to go for a more ’70s-inspired style, which ultimately elevated the fit into the highest echelon of NBA Draft fashion.

The flared trousers and double-breasted suit gave Green’s outfit a vintage look, while the reflective detailing added a touch of New Hollywood to the event. If you forgot about all the NBA logos and sports hoopla, you could have easily mistaken Green’s red carpet appearance for a ’70s movie premiere. We could definitely see a Jalen Green-led Grease, can’t you?

To make things even better, Green was just having a good time with some of the best young basketball players in the world, all-smile in front of the cameras on one of the biggest days of his life so far. That energy combined with the fit makes Green our pick for one of the next gen’s best-dressed players and one to definitely keep an eye on pre-game during the upcoming NBA season.

Green wasn’t the only one to try out a shiny suit. Jalen Suggs, picked TK overall by the TK, wore a slightly more modern cut with the same reflective detailing. Suggs fared better than “Tin Man” Chalamet, but it was undoubtedly Green who stole the show.

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