Tony Hawk on the Importance of Skateboarding at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games

For the first time ever, skateboarding will be included as an Olympic sport at the 2021 Tokyo Games. In honor of the sport’s international distinction, the Olympics committee has unveiled its latest “Stronger Together” campaign video, delving into Tony Hawk‘s trailblazing journey in the skate park.

Between the highs, the lows and the cracked pavement that Hawk has called his stage for almost 40 years, the Olympics latest campaign visual showcases how the Games’ skateboarding recognition will skyrocket the sport’s main players to an international level of notoriety.

At the Games, skateboarding will be divided into two categories: park and street. Street skating will involve rails and stairs mimicking those of an urban cityscape, while park will feature ramps and pipes similar to that of a traditional skatepark.

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