Oakley Readies Return of its Mumbo Pro M Frame Surf Eyewear

Oakley continues to make not buying new sunglasses extremely difficult as the revived classics MUZM collection bares new fruits, this time around, dipping its toes into 90s surf culture to bring the Mumbo & Pro M Frame sunglasses back into the spotlight.

There are plenty of things in this world you can have far too many of; personally, I’m not entirely sure that sunglasses is one of those things.

Consumerist culture dictates; that the more, the merrier, and as a self-confessed sunglasses addict, I’m pained to agree. Oakley is certainly doing its part to make not scooping up new pairs an uphill battle, and that’s all thanks to the MUZM collection.

If you’ve managed to avoid the brand’s last few releases, the MUZM collection is a carefully curated selection of iconic archival sunglasses that Oakley has decided are worthy of a comeback.

So far, we’ve recieved to the Sub Zero and Eye Jacket, and now, another set of 90s icons is landing just in time for the summer – surfers, rejoice! This one’s for you.

Two frames that set the scene for 90s beach culture in California and beyond, the Mumbo & Pro M Frame are true sporting icons. Of course, any Oakley revival comes with tuned-up technological attributes, including Mumbo Hybrid lenses and Pro M Frame Heater lenses both with PrizmTM technology for enhanced color and contrast, as well as Unobtainium® nose pads and earsocks to provide a no-slip grip.

Honestly, what more could you want? If you’re planning to rip some waves this summer, the Mumbo & Pro M Frame both launch at selected stores on June 2, with a global release via Oakley on June 6.

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