Balenciaga Expands “The Lost Tape” With Fall 2022 Campaign

Barely a week’s gone by since its adidas collab was revealed but Balenciaga’s back in a big way, baby. Here comes Bella Hadid starring in the luxury label’s Fall 2022 campaign imagery.

Who better to follow in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps? Hadid isn’t alone, though, joined by popstar Aya Nakamura, and a slew of suave models.

Nearly all the Balenciaga hits are on full display, from the insane Excavator rainboot to the Le Cagole bag (no Paris sneaker, sadly).

But the main event are all the crazy things that we missed in the never-ending onslaught of new product: there’s a Crocs collab handbag that came out earlier this year and giant transformable jeans that are simultaneously “a miniskirt, pants, and boots all at once,” according to the press release.

Shoe pants, skin-tight “FASHION INSTITUTE” tops, Balenciaga-branded underwear: how could anyone ever ask for more?

This is part of the problem of the endless collaborations and drops, to tell you the truth — there’s so much stuff constantly rolling out that even us folks who obsessively compile it all can’t possibly keep up with the explosion of product.

But, that’s the point of these campaigns, of course. It’s a cavalcade of Balenciaga’s greatest and future hits, from the more subtle (slips, leather shorts, high jewelry) to the unmistakably Balenciaga (everything else).

It’s still crazy to think that this collection was revealed mere months ago, with all the fanfare of a national holiday.

In case you forgot, this was when Kim Kardashian wore nothing but Balenciaga tape.

So it’s still a big deal, this Balenciaga collection, it’s just crazy to think how much stuff happened in between the first time we saw it and now. Even Balenciaga dropped its latest YEEZY GAP team-up and a few shoes (where’s that Apple collab, BTW?).

Maybe it’s worth slowing down and taking a second to flick through Balenciaga’s latest round of imagery before diving back into the constant churn of the day-to-day.

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