MAAP and P.A.M. Reunite for Second Collaboration “PAAM 2.0”

Why bother cycling around Earth’s terrain when MAAP and Perks and Mini’s PAAM 2.0 collection is offering your the opportunity to take a ride “Out of This World?”

On account of lacking an invite onto a Blue Origin or SpaceX flight (can’t say I’m keen for a space-bound vacation with the Billionaire Boys Club either, to be honest), I can’t really comment on what a cycle around the moon would look or feel like – but imagination says it’d be quite the experience.

Though we’re a long way away from knowing what that would be like, MAAP’s latest collaborative collection gives us a glimpse into an intergalactic cycling future. Seriously.

Once again, linking up with Perks and Mini (or P.A.M.), the cycling gear expert filters its functional apparel through a psychedelic visual language and free-wheeling aesthetic for a technical collection, unlike any other on-bike style you’ve seen before.

Informed by adventures beyond Earth and inspired by the transient nature of a desert sunrise and the unearthly atmosphere of the landscape by night, the collection is brought to life through a series of cracked graphics, trippy typography, and high-contrast color schemes.

As is the standard for MAAP, quality is key, ensuring that jerseys are crafted in premium Italian fabrics while cargo bibs are storage-heavy and abrasion-resistant. Reflective pieces are accounted for across jackets and tees, while Polartec offers some cozy warmth to fleeced hoodies.

Alongside the apparel lines, you’ll find plenty of accessories, including a cap, gloves, neck and arm warmers, socks, and a water bottle. If that still isn’t enough, the collection includes an exclusive zine celebrating cycling’s renegade spirit with photographs by Sarah Pannell and art direction by Misha Hollenbach.

The full collection is available online now in limited quantities via MAAP and P.A.M.

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