Balenciaga Opens Pre-Orders for Its Distressed Paris Sneaker

Okay, now Balenciaga has taken it to the next level.

So far, we’ve seen the luxury label push every single boundary within both apparel and footwear, launching everything from platform Crocs, Croc Boots, and heeled Croc sandals, to its X-Pander sneaker, the Triple-S, and its new pointy rain boots. Basically, Balenciaga loves a weird shoe.

Now, its latest silhouette dubbed the “Paris Sneaker” has arrived, and it is distressed, to say the least.

The label’s shoe takes on a silhouette that is reminiscent of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor, and arrives in both black and white colorways that have been purposefully distressed, adding texture and holes to the textile upper, as well as scuff marks and wear to the rubber sole.

If the distressed look isn’t really your vibe, you can also get the shoes sans marks, should you wish.

We already know that the team behind Balenciaga are masters in marketing, and for the Paris Sneaker, the label has created a campaign dedicated to the new silhouette, featuring the shoes with extreme wear, dirt, and plenty of marks. According to Balenciaga, it is to suggest that the Paris sneaker is “meant to be worn for a lifetime.”

If you’re too lazy to break in your sneakers, a limited-edition run of 100 extremely worn sneakers will be available on

It may seem crazy, but the shoes are part of Balenciaga’s ever-growing presence, always creating controversial items that spark conversation. How far can the label push us? Will we pay hundreds of dollars for distressed and worn sneakers? It sure seems like it, and Demna knows that his fans will stop at nothing.

Who knows, in a few hundred years, archeologists will probably dig up a pair and assume they’d been worn for years, and not that they were some kind of fashion statement.

The Paris Sneaker will be available online starting May 9th in Europe, with the United States and Middle East stores following suit on May 16, and Japan on May 23. The shoes will later release worldwide.

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