Stüssy x Our Legacy WORK SHOP Tease Upcoming Collab

Wardrobe screaming out for something new? Don’t stress – Stüssy and Our Legacy have stepped back into the Workshop to launch a new collaborative collection for Spring/Summer 2022.

It almost feels like a lifetime ago that Stüssy and Our Legacy butt heads. That is, of course, quite the exaggeration considering their last team-up touched down less than six months ago as part of the Holiday Market, but given the frequency of Legacy drops that it proceeded, 2022 has actually been a pretty quiet year so far.

Let’s not complain, though, we’re always going to desire quality over quantity, and Spring/Summer 2022 has had plenty of that to offer from the mainline.

This season will not pass in silence as we finally have eyes on the new Stüssy and Our Legacy Work Shop capsule. Seeing as the sun has decided to come out and bless us with a warm Easter break, the timing couldn’t be much better.

Just as desirable as any Workshop drop that has come before it, the spring offering is an assortment of staple pieces in an updated palette that swaps out bells and whistles for everyday sensibility.

As you’d expect, the collection is top-to-bottom, beginning with headgear and light outerwear in the form of a zip-up overshirt, followed by checkered and plaid shirting, light knits, an assortment of hoodies, graphic print tees, beach-ready shorts, and light denim. Additional pieces include bandannas, boxer shorts, a blazer, and pants.

If you’re looking to get your spring rotation in check, you’ll find the full Stüssy & Our Legacy Workshop collection online and at select Stüssy Chapter stores and DSM on April 22.

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