G-Star RAW Brings Diverse Influences to Its latest “Exclusives” Release

Fresh off last year’s campaign, which featured local stars like Moozlie, Youngsta CPT, Shane Eagle, and Courtnaé Paul, G-Star RAW is back with its fourth installment of the Exclusives collection, incorporating Japanese workwear into denim forms and drawing inspiration from world events such as the Dakar Rally.

Exclusives by G-Star RAW encapsulates the limitless creativity of the brand. This season, elaborate designs are showcased within the collection themes, expressed without restraint whilst employing the G-Star DNA in its purest, most extrovert form. Alongside this, the collection consists of sophisticated experiments in denim.

The Dakar Rally inspiration is celebrated through new extreme designs that recall the hard-wearing “Enduro” equipment worn on the race. The technical details on these items also include reversible functionality and unconventional silhouettes, while the color palette — mixing soft pastels with hits of green and pink — is a nod to the desert.

Other pieces in the collection draw from Japanese workwear, with silhouettes including garments that mix a wider leg with a narrower fit at the calf. These denim-focused items all integrate a more considered and conceptual design twist.

Throughout all of the pieces, G-Star RAW focuses on the construction techniques, fabrics and design features used, while also adding Japanese denim embroidered artwork to showcase the high-end “Exclusives by G-Star RAW” aesthetic.

The Exclusives by G-Star RAW collection will be available in select stores and online at g-star.com as of February 17th, 2022.

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