Levi’s Is Launching A Global Open Casting Call

Forever a trailblazer, Levi’s is launching a global casting call for its 2024 Live in Levi’s exclusive film.

The iconic denim behemoth has been leading the charge for innovative and thoughtfully defiant brands, so its latest push for inclusive casting should come as no surprise. The open call is for anyone who likes to move — not just professional dancers, making it accessible to all backgrounds, experience levels and walks of life. The new exclusive film will also feature an unreleased track from Grammy-award winning producer and DJ Kaytranada. The upcoming single is the soundtrack for the brand’s campaign film, The Floor Is Yours, which enlivens Levi’s new range through movement. In the Omar Jones-directed film, dance’s infectious nature stirs up an otherwise still setting , thanks to one person’s courage to be different.


“As a brand that has long been the ‘unofficial uniform’ for progress, the 2024 Live in Levi’s® campaign is all about championing the people who do things their own way and push culture forward. We wanted to use this campaign to inspire the doers and movers around the world to take the floor.” Kenny Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer shares in an exclusive press release.

Watch The Floor Is Yours below and take a look at the campaign imagery in the gallery above.

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