Diesel Welcomes You to a World of Successful Living for SS24

Diesel is continuing its partnership with Guinness World Records, welcoming you into the world of successful living. Forming its Spring/Summer 2024 offering, the new campaign pays homage to retro TV talent competitions, complete with a live studio audience and a panel of judges.

As the campaign progresses, we’re exposed to a slew of free-thinking, radically-inclusive contestants that embody the spirit of Diesel and each hold actual Guinness World Record — personally chosen by creative director Glenn Martens. Featuring Aristotelis Valaoritis, record-holder for the most wine glasses balanced on the head, alongside Liberty Barros, who holds multiple flexibility records and Tami Manis — who has the longest competitive mullet for a woman.

Elsewhere, the contestants include the world’s oldest bodybuilder Jim Arrington, multi-record hula hooper Mariam Olayiwola and Rolf Buchholz, who holds the record for the most male body modifications. Each contestant is pictured wearing pieces from Diesel’s new SS24 collection, which includes collegiate-inspired cottons, distressed denim, trompe l’oeil lingerie and body-skimming dresses.

Take a look at the new campaign above and head to Diesel’s website to shop the new collection.

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