Edison Chen Shares Inspiration Behind CLOT x adidas Originals Superstar Collab

While the end of its partnership with Nike marks the end of a very significant era for CLOT and its founder Edison Chen, its newfound partnership with adidas sets the stage for a new one, full of fresh opportunities.

To kick things off, Chen has revealed an exciting twist on the adidas Originals Superstar silhouette, which made its initial appearance during the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Beyond a footwear release, the collaboration stands as a statement of creative innovation and cultural fusion — exemplified through an immersive campaign titled the “House of Edison Chen.” This campaign aimed to highlight the effortless elegance and cultural connectivity that the collaboration stands for. Featuring a diverse cast of personalities, including Jung Woo, Chris Severn, Joyce Wrice, Brent Faiyez and DPR Ian. Notably, the campaign encapsulates the spirit of adventure and exploration, as it transitions from the vibrant streets to an intimate speakeasy lounge, demonstrating the shoe’s versatility and the inclusive vision behind the overarching collab.

Speaking on the design inspiration behind the shoe and why he chose the Superstar for the debut release, Chen shared “The Superstar is a heritage representative of adidas and not only of adidas but my relationship with adidas. When I was a child, I wore Sambas and Gazelles, especially in Hong Kong playing soccer with my friends. I was influenced by that sports culture. The real impact of adidas came to me at the 35th anniversary of the Superstar. It made me dig deep and look at how a shoe can last 35 years and at the same time have so many crazy collabs coming in and out at that time.”

He added that the collaboration with NEIGHBORHOOD was a highlight for him and one he had to have. While Chen teased that “There are a lot of shoes I want to work with in the adidas realm. Some obscure and some more prominent silhouettes,” he explained that “Starting with what feels like home is always, always good and being able to put a perspective on the Superstar was something that I was open to welcoming.”

Taking a closer look at the design DNA of the CLOT Superstar, there is an emphasis on sophistication and elegance, reminiscent of classic suiting. It features hand-stitched ridges on the premium leather shell toe, along with a specially designed midsole and outsole that showcases a unique ripple effect, a visible EVA wedge and a leather welt. The shoe is presented in a sleek white colorway with contrasting black stitching and logo details, embodying a refined yet approachable look.

The CLOT x adidas Originals Superstar is set to release in-store and online via adidas official site  starting February 23.

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