TOMBOGO SS23 Heads to High School

When unveiling a new collection, Tommy Bogo never shies away from actualizing the complete definition of a “runway show.” Earlier this year, his FW22 came to life with a future-facing hologram presentation with PORTL – breaking the mold of New York Fashion Week traditions. For the SS23 season, TOMBOGO headed to high school to debut his collection in a way that centered both fashion and fun.

Held at NYC’s famous LaGuardia High School, the “For The Truant & The Fluent” collection show started when models slowly descended down the staircase that on any other day would be filled with rushing students, a slew of backpacks and ample school supplies. But instead of supplies and gear being used for taking notes, they took form through collection shirts, skirts, pants and more.

“Considering this is my fourth NYFW, it felt like a senior year moment to me,” said Bogo. “That’s where the school theme started and thinking about where did I start. That place in time always holds a special meaning to me.”

Focal pieces that brought the high school experience to life were bungee shirts and skirts inspired by hiking backpacks, notebook paper button-down shirts, gradient print slacks and baseball uniform-inspired crochet knit shirts. But outside of these school-centric pieces, the presentation itself is what stole the show. After the looks first touched the runway, a skit showcasing the multiple personalities that exist within high school ensued.

“With the skit, I felt there was too much to be said about the experience of being in high school to just walk in a circle. So that was my way of bringing the show and collection to life.”

Once the models (serving as students) including Guapdad 4000, Teezo Touchdown, Joyce Wrice, Junebug, Channel Tres and more finished their initial walks, they all took their seats – enacting a typical first day of class from a colorful blend of personalities. After taking attendance and poking fun at the teacher, the students gathered together to take their class photo with Tommy Bogo front and center.

Elsewhere in the collection were two-toned varsity jackets, utilitarian runner vests crafted from upcycled fabrics, his signature multi-pocket pants and knitwear. The collection also saw new accessories like sunglasses, handbags and hats.

Check out the collection in the gallery above.

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