Rick Owens “SWAMPGOD” Collection Praises Nonconformity

Rick Owens is no stranger to exceeding the norm and turning heads. His alluring, otherworldly designs inspired SWAMPGOD, also known as Arturo Boem, to take a page out of his unconventional book. The result manifested a collaboration unlike any other: Rick Owens SWAMPGOD by END.

SWAMPGOD fostered a relationship with the gothic-inspired mogul via social media and it progressed into a flourishing creative partnership. SWAMPGOD puts his unique spin on classic deadstock Rick Owens’ pieces, using deconstructive methods to give each garment an entirely new life.

In tune with Rick Owens’ individualistic design methods, as well as both SWAMPGOD and Owens’ dedication to reducing fashion waste and promoting resourceful practices, contrasting textiles and textures are employed upon outerwear, tops, and pants. This partnership puts a spotlight on responsible production and sourcing while allowing space for both brands’ aesthetics to shine through.

The Rick Owens SWAMPGOD by END. one-of-a-kind collection launched via END. on May 28. 

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