Ceeze Transforms Scraps of Nike Sneakers into Limited-Edition “Victory Chair”

Ceeze’s upcycling mission continues as it strips Nike Air Jordans down to their bones to create the perfect addition to a sneakerhead’s furniture collection in the “Victory Chair.”

We don’t need to dip into a lecture on how important upcycling projects are to the global mission to reduce waste and reuse existing products. The fashion industry is particularly guilty of saturating the world with insane amounts of product and waste; and as such, should be going above and beyond to make meaningful change.

Fortunately, design studios like Ceeze exist. From its inception, Ceeze has been committed to challenging itself to create its in-house product arsenal from existing goods, making use of reclaimed sneakers, hoodies, textile waste, and more to offer a series of unique products.

This mission has been massively bolstered through work alongside Russel Athletic, which has been integral to at least four projects coming out of the studio, including the “Field Gear” collection and “Reclaimed Hoodie Program.” Through their collaborations, the pair has showcased the wide-spanning possibilities of upcycling, leading the charge for others to think and act in the same vein.

Its latest project is a big step up. The “Victory Chair” is a huge technical achievement for Ceeze, requiring the design team to overcome many challenges and undergo a long creative process – which has paid off.

Serving as the perfect addition to any sneakerhead’s furniture collection, the chair has been crafted from Baltic Birchwood with oversized Swooshes shaped into the legs. The true marvel of the creation is the cushion sections which have been painstakingly crafted using reclaimed Nike Air Jordan upper.

Each of the many sneakers (30+ pairs) used were gutted and cut before being applied to Napa leather backing and upholstered into the seat. As you can imagine, both the wood and leather components require huge attention to detail – so much so that each chair takes upwards of 75 hours to make, explaining the steep $6500 price tag.

If a sneaker chair is what your life is missing, you best mark your calendars as the Ceeze “Victory Chair” releases online on May 31 and is limited to 10 units.

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