Nike’s Shek Lei Grind Court in Hong Kong is Made Out of 20,000 Pairs of Used Sneakers

Nike as a brand is rooted in sports, and so it often finds opportunities to affect change by making its mark on athletic facilities to promote fun and self-discovery. This June, Nike has further made strides to act on this notion with its newest Shek Lei Grind court — a refurbished community basketball court that’s located out in Hong Kong.

The hoops grounds is established in the Kwai Chung residential neighborhood, and its surface is made entirely from NikeGrind materials that were pulled from up to 20,000 pairs of used sneakers — further aligning with Nike‘s Move to Zero initiatives. This particular destination was chosen as is located in close proximity to 14 primary and secondary schools. Laid out across the entire court are whimsical cartoon figures that were designed by British artist James Jarvis along with Nike’s retro pinwheel logo that is placed at half court.

In an effort to boost youth programming in the area, Nike has joining forces with InspiringHK — a local nonprofit organization that is designed to promote social mobility and inclusivity through active participation in sport.

This newest project serves as a follow up to the courts that Nike has refurbished in cities such as Paris, Beijing and Mexico City from 2019 to 2020.

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