Prada’s Foam Rubber Mules Elevates Cozy Footwear

Prada shoewatch continues: after the launch of the charmingly familiar-looking Prada Downtown sneakers, we’ve got our eyes on a new set of squishy mules elevated by the that timeless triangle logo.

Meet Prada’s humbly-named “foam rubber mules,” which are exactly what they sound like. Launched earlier this year around the time of Prada’s Tropico pop-up, these new Prada mules are chunky, backless rubber slip-on shoes free of extraneous decoration aside from the aforementioned forefoot branding.

Realized in tonal black, blue, and red shades, Prada’s new mules weigh in at an imposing $550 on Prada’s website — don’t expect to see these on the feet of any kitchen or hospital staff any time soon (though that blue pair would be a perfect match for some scrubs).

A couple colorways are already sold-out online but surely remain in-stock at various Prada retail outposts, if you’re so inclined.

Prada’s foray into injection-molded footwear epitomizes the squishy footwear movement that’s at the forefront of so many luxury houses’ minds: from Valentino to Givenchy and Balenciaga, soft rubber recovery-style shoes are all the rage.

Personally, I find rubber a liiiiittle too insulating for summer (no one likes a hot foot) but gladly acknowledge that they’re ideal for lounging around. $550 house shoes? Don’t mind if I do.

There are more cost-effective rubber clogs out there that may have inspired the spongy shoe movement, obviously, so pick your poison.

It’s nice to see all the innovations in the realm of comfortable footwear either way, whether it’s from Italian-made slides or luxury-branded loafing shoes.

Suffering for fashion is so 2000 and late — comfortable shoes forever.

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