Gucci Brings Back The Blue GG Canvas Monogram From Its Archive

Gucci’s signature “GG” monogram print is one of the most recognizable graphics in fashion, and now it has been reimagined in a brand-new color: blue.

Well, not really. The color combination is being brought back from the depths of Gucci’s archive (it was first debuted in the ’70s!), as part of the Love Parade collection. As someone who has spent plenty of time looking through vintage Gucci on Vestiaire, I’m thrilled to see the navy iteration make its way back.

When it comes to Gucci, the label has always been anything but minimalist, and the new GG canvas collection is all about bringing back logomania in the best way possible.

Coating plenty of pieces from Gucci’s archive, including both luggage and handbags such as the Jackie and the Dionysus, as well as footwear and other accessories.

The signature Princetown loafer has been reimagined in the logo print, as well as the chunky Rhyton sneaker, all accompanied by furniture and pottery coated in the same print. Basically, the campaign is a Gucci fever dream, where the GG motif rules.

Contrasting the blue print is the blue-red-blue iteration of the label’s signature ribbon, which runs across a handful of the bags, instead of the usual green-red-green combination that we’re used to seeing on the beige print.

It is undoubtedly a collection for the true Gucci lover, and with plenty of exciting collaborations set to release within the next few months, we’re ready to see Gucci skyrocket.

With footwear from the surprise adidas x Gucci collaboration seemingly right around the corner, as well as plenty of exciting drops as part of Gucci Vault, the label is working overtime.

If you’re looking to add some Gucci pieces to your rotation, the Blue GG Canvas pieces are currently available online and in-store at Gucci.

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