Stone Island Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation With “82/22” Capsule

Stone Island is looking mighty fine in its birthday suit in celebration of 40 years in the game. Seriously though, its PIATTINA 82/22 fabric outerwear and celebratory graphic print are a winning combination.

Forty years into the game, from 1982 to 2022, and Stone Island stepped up to the plate with a promise. A promise that its 40th anniversary would be a year jam-packed full of surprises, exclusives, and experiences.

Well, it’s delivering on that promise. First up was a true-to-form visual showcase, followed by this selection of outerwear crafted from a celebratory fabric. Oh, and an exclusive birthday graphic. Truly, we’re spoilt.

Spring/Summer 2022 has been a hectic season already, thanks to Shadow Project’s two-parter collection, Ghost and Marina drops, but the latest in the ongoing drip-feed of products is worthy of its own spotlight.

So, what’s on offer? 82/22 is a celebratory anniversary graphic applied to archival garments, recreated in new and updated fabrications. What we’ve all come for – the outerwear, has been crafted using PIATTINA 82/22, a canvas of polyester monofilaments in the warp and flat nylon threads in the weft.

In far less technical terms – it’s shiny, transparent, and shows off the rear graphic with heavy contrast. Available as both a bomber and hooded jacket – that pair perfectly with all those Quality Street wrappers you’ve saved up from Christmas – there’s no overlooking these statement pieces.

If your budget says no to more outerwear, additional anniversary graphic apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jersey shorts, are available to shop.

You can shop Stone Island’s anniversary pieces online now.

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