Palace Teases Upcoming Calvin Klein Collaboration

So yeah, it’s happening. A Calvin Klein x Palace collaboration is on the way, as the two brands have confirmed the linkup is indeed a thing.

On April 1, both brands posted videos featuring the glam-fied English actress Joan Collins commenting on a gentleman’s denim ensemble, saying she likes it but “wouldn’t wear it [herself].”

Just before the visual kicks off, you can see a flash of a movie clapperboard, showcasing a handwritten “CK x Palace” in the space for the film’s production name.

After all, it was April Fools’ Day. After the Palace x Supreme rumor, surely a Calvin Klein x Palace collab is a joke, right? Not exactly.

On the morning of April 2, Palace and Calvin Klein dropped first looks at its co-branded Tri-Ferg logo, which featured the names of both brands in Palace’s signature typeface.

Calvin Klein even updated its Instagram profile picture with the collaborative branding. At the same time, Patrick Tcherno-Ivaneko, Palace’s head of PR and marketing, shared a NYC billboard ad featuring the collab’s triangular symbol.

So, you know what that means? CK Palace is no joke at all; it’s the real deal.

As far as the actual Calvin Klein x Palace collection, there’s been murmurs of a Calvin Klein x Palace fragrance accompanying the collab’s upcoming release. However, neither brand has yet to confirm.

But, we suspect some CK denim and undies will join the collaboration’s apparel and accessories rollout. Hello, is it truly a Calvin Klein collab without a few denim pieces and branded boxer briefs?

In the meantime, another preview of the Calvin Klein x Palace collab is expected to drop soon, followed by its launch on April 8 via Calvin Klein’s website.


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