Holzweiler Unveils Debut Eyewear Collection

There’s no better time than Spring/Summer 2022 to dive into eyewear, and Holzweiler received the memo loud and clear as it gets up to launch its first full eyewear collection. 

Picture this – you’ve mastered the elements thanks to an innate understanding of your nation’s extreme weather systems, tackled them through a carefully curated fabrication selection, and ensured every product delivered is of an aesthetic standard Scandinavian fashion can proud of. Hey, Holzweiler, I see you. 

At that point, when the outerwear’s warm and the knits cozy, the time comes to look at our blinkers and get the correct. Sunglasses – I mean sunglasses. 

Spring/Summer 2022 marks a new beginning for Hozweiler, and it all begins with the humble frame. This is no fluke or rushed decision, instead, an advised effort by way of the iconic optician institution, Krogh Optikk in Oslo.

Taking a trip down to Krogh Optikk, Holz’ dived retina first into its 145-year-old eyewear archive, and from it, crafted 7 of its very own genderless styles. Bo, Frej, Elise, Alexandra, Lieben, Asta, and Georg, welcome to the family. 

Just like their names would suggest, each of the frames is unique, with color options spanning black, tortoiseshell, butter, and yellow marble, as well as a host of lens options. Each frame has been made in Japan with a mix of Mazzucchelli Acetate and Japanese Acetate.

Each of the seven eyewear styles will remain core to all future collections, with updated colors and/or shapes arriving once a year. 

You can shop the Holzweiler Spring/Summer 2022 eyewear collection online from April 1.

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