If you thought grown-ish’s season 4 finale was the show’s end, think again. Unfortunately, the show is continuing…without most of the OG cast.

grown-ish, the spin-off to Kenya Barris’ black-ish, follows the college journey of Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi) plus the humbling challenges of adulting.

With grown-ish’s fourth season centered on the show’s original cast graduating from college, you assume it would be the sitcom’s final bow, right? Well, not quite.

While Barris is ready to say goodbye to black-ish after eight seasons, his feelings aren’t entirely mutual for grown-ish.

According to TV Linegrown-ish will see a fifth season, with only three of the nine original cast members returning to the show.

Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson (Aaron), and Diggy Simmons (Doug) will appear in grown-ish‘s fifth season.

However, Chloe and Halle (Jazz and Sky), Francia Raisa (Ana), Emily Arlook (Nomi), Luka Sabbat (Luca), and Jordan Buhat (Vivek) will say farewell to the teen sitcom during the fourth season, aka graduation season.

College graduation is a proper show finale for a sitcom focused on a young woman’s college years, don’t you think? I would say so.

The show rolled out four great seasons, including relatable material, social commentary, and a dizzying love triangle (“Zaron” and “Zuca” fans, I’m sorry for you both).

In my opinion, grown-ish had a pretty solid run, which makes the graduation season an even more great stopping point (then again, I’m biased as a fan of the show).

Season 4’s finale closed with the perfect end, with the cast going in for a group hug after graduation and moving into real adulthood as newly-developed characters — and ready to move on to their new shows and movies, apparently (as they should).

I guess Kenya Barris is literally honing in on the whole “grown-ish” thing, continuing with Zoey’s post-college life as an adult in the real world and apparently, even following her brother Junior’s (Marcus Scribner) freshman life in college.

Sure, I can get behind a Junior storyline, but honestly, I would’ve been perfectly okay with grown-ish‘s fourth season being the last.

Though the fifth season won’t feel the same without the OG crew, the fan in me will tune in next season to rightfully judge its air-time worthiness.

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